“The Victor Borg of the guitar.” – Chicago Tribune

“Jim creates hilarious antics from every day life taking laughter to a new art form.” – Branson Tourism Center

“Pure magic happens when the lights dim the spotlight shines only on Stafford and his guitar and his fingers begin dancing on the strings.” – Lakeland Ledger

“Jim combines hysterical comedy with masterful performances on the classical guitar. General genius whizbang musician and certified doctor of country wacky cake, Jim Stafford is at it again in 2015. And this time with an all new show.” – Branson World

“After a fresh helping of Jim’s comedy, Joy has a long lingering shelf life.” – Richard Freihofer, Branson Savings

“Jim Stafford? Let me put it this way… If Bransons an ice cream sundae, the nuts on top!” – Quotable Quotes

“I wish he was my brother.” – Tommy Smothers